Procedure for installing VEP.Signature on Mac OSX

1. Uninstalled signature component warning

The application automatically checks if the signing component is installed and in case you will see the startup of the component after 10 seconds. If it is not installed, you will see a warning about an uninstalled signature component.

Click “Install Signature Component” to save the installation file that you are installing.

If you already have the first generation SETCCE signature component installed, you will see the following notification:


In this case, you can select “Upgrade Signature Component” and this will save the installation file for installing the VEP.Signature program.

* Warning: If the installation file is not saved, you can download it by clicking on the following link: Installation file for MAC OSX

mac2 1

2. VEP program installation procedure.Signed

Run the saved SpMacClient.pkg file and continue the installation process step by step:

Click the “Continue” button


Click on the “Install” button


Notice of successfully installed signature component. Confirm by clicking on the “OK” button , then click on “Close”.

mac5 1536x1113 1