is a secure mailbox in the browser, easy to use and accessible from any device with a (qualified) electronic signature certificate. Simple service suitable for private and business users.

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Tools and accessories

The user interface of is made like most online programs for reviewing e-mail, so working with it is quick and easy.

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Adjust the interface in to your own wishes and requirements. On the interface, see only what is important to you.

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Trust and security

Authentication is provided by a qualified electronic signature certificate. You can use any of the certifiers registered in Slovenia.


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Postal book keeps a list of all sent and received emails. Archiving mailbooks as pdf files or printing on paper is quick and easy.


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You can receive notification of an email to several e-mail addresses, which you can easily set up in the mailbox settings.

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Possibility of authorization enables you to authorize and appoint persons of trust (filing office, secretary).


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Security and privacy

The content of your mail is yours alone

The company’s security policy and state-of-the-art technology ensure complete protection of the content of your mail. Safe rooms with equipment meet the highest safety standards. Only the recipient of the mail has access to the content.


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