PDF/A tools

A PDF file is considered a legally valid document only if it follows the rules set by law. Users of the VEP.si service have additional tools at their disposal, with which they can easily ensure the correct format in PDF / A format.
The tools also combine PDF files to save time and money on shipments.

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PDF/A joiner

Automatic mail processing

The program creates a common PDF document from individual files (pdf, tiff, jpg, png and gif). In doing so, it eliminates all blank pages. The converted documents comply with the requirement of the first point of the third paragraph of Article 19 of the PEPCSP.

The program is free .

Download the program

* For the program to work, it is also necessary to have:  JAVA 1.6 32bit  or  JAVA1.6 64bit installed, we suggest installation in the subfolder where the program is installed.

PDF / A CONVERTER - installation on the server

Converting larger quantities of PDF documents

The server version of the PDF / A converter is intended for users with a large number of documents.
The program automatically detects a new document in the selected folder, converts it to a PDF / A file and places it in the selected destination folder.

One-time program installation: 580 €

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Security and privacy

The content of your mail is yours alone

The company’s security policy and state-of-the-art technology ensure complete protection of the content of your mail. Safe rooms with equipment meet the highest safety standards. Only the recipient of the mail has access to the content.


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