Electronic delivery service

VEP.SI is a secure mailbox in the browser, easy to use and accessible from any device with a (qualified) electronic signature certificate. The interface is simple and suitable for both private and business users.

What is VEP.SI?

VEP.SI is a secure electronic mailbox that enables sending and delivering e-mail. In addition to the electronic service, the secure VEP.si electronic mailbox also enables you to electronically sign attachments, sign documents on both sides and conclude contracts, and is also connected to a qualified trust service for confirming the validity of qualified electronic signatures and electronic stamps. Due to its excellent user experience, VEP.si is used by a wide range of professional users (most banks, insurance companies, notaries, companies …).

The VEP.si service enables the sending and receiving of mail by secure electronic means in accordance with Article 44 of the eIDAS Regulation, the Civil Procedure Act (Article 141a) and the Administrative Procedure Act. Service in court and administrative proceedings with the VEP.si service have been carried out for ten years and we are included in the list of providers of secure electronic service in court proceedings.


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Tools and accessories

The user interface of VEP.si is made like most online programs for reviewing e-mail, so the introduction to working with it is quick and easy.

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Adjust the appearance of the mailboxes in VEP.si to your own wishes and requirements. On the interface, see only what is important to you.

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Security and trust

Authentication is provided by a qualified electronic signature certificate. You can use any of the registered certifiers .

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Postal book

VEP.si keeps a list of all sent and received messages. Archiving mailbooks in pdf format or printing on paper is quick and easy.

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You can receive notification about a new message to several e-mail addresses, which you can easily set up in the mailbox settings.

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Possibility of authorization

VEP.si enables you to authorize and appoint persons of trust (filing office, secretary).

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PDF/A tools

A PDF file is considered a legally valid document only if it follows the rules set by law. Users of the VEP.si service have additional tools at their disposal, with which they can easily ensure the correct format in PDF / A format.
The tools also combine PDF files to save time and money on messages.

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Sending by ARA procedure

In case the recipient does not have a secure e-mail box, but you know their e-mail address and would like to send them a message via the secure e-mail system, you can do so by providing the recipient’s usual e-mail address and marking it to be sent by ARA.

Integration options

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For users with more mail

VEP.SI + is a stand-alone program that is installed on a computer, with which we can download, save and print a large number of messages at the same time and with one click. The program is independent of operating systems and web browsers. The update is automatic.

You can order the installation of the program via our eForms service at the following link:  Activation of additional VEP.si services

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Integration using web services

The integration of the VEP.si system with the use of online services is planned for users who receive or send a large number of messages daily or use their own solution for sending and receiving shipments. In addition to receiving and sending, it is also possible to capture metadata about the processes from which messages originate.

You can order the activation of the service via our eForms service at the following link: Activation of additional VEP.si services

Security and privacy

The content of your mail is yours alone

The company’s security policy and state-of-the-art technology ensure complete protection of the content of your mail. Safe rooms with equipment meet the highest safety standards. Only the recipient of the mail has access to the content.

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