Electronic contracts

Electronic contracts are a service intended for
unilateral and multilateral signing of contracts that require a handwritten signature. Access to the service and electronic signature is based on a qualified certificate of trust services in the EU.

With electronic contracts, we simplify the processes from signing the contract to storage. You can download, send and store electronic contracts and, most importantly, sign them with a signature equivalent to your own.

Easy signing anywhere

With the service of electronic contracts, we make complex technology user-friendly. Loading, signing and sending contracts is easy in the user-friendly VEP.SI contracts interface .

Integration with extended document systems is also possible to facilitate storage and integration.

The conclusion of contracts is carried out with the provided mutual verification of validity and electronic identity. Both the sender and the recipient receive proof of services rendered (certificates).

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Frequently Asked Questions

The service is intended for anyone who wants to sign and send for signature any contract or document. The service is generally intended for organizations that want to do business electronically in a reliable and secure way.

The e-contract service is intended for areas where a high level of security is required both in terms of protecting the content and the identity of the participants. The signing of contracts and attachments is carried out in a way that ensures the equivalence of e-signatures with handwritten signatures. Validation is performed for each signature of the document and is forwarded to the sender of the contract together with the signed documents.

Yes, contracts completed, signed and sent in this way have the same legal validity as those sent by ordinary paper mail, provided that the signatory uses means of qualified electronic signature. Access to and signature service are based on a qualified e-signature tool from qualified trust service providers in the EU, which you can check here.

The identity and validity of electronic signatures and stamps are verified by a qualified electronic signature and stamp verification trust service.

The service is based on a qualified e-delivery service according to eIDAS regulation. A secure electronic inbox is automatically opened for anyone who signs or rejects the received contract or document in which they receive proof of signing or refusing to sign the contract.

No, the recipient of the contract only needs an email address with any email provider. The user who sent the contract for signature receives a copy of the contract in their secure electronic inbox. A temporary secure electronic inbox (VEP) is created for a user who does not have a secure electronic inbox.

Sending e-contracts is charged according to the price list.

To sign, you need a qualified electronic signature certificate issued by a qualified issuer of qualified digital certificates listed on a secure list with the European Commission.