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Privacy statement

In the company EIUS, d.o.o. We respect your privacy and are committed to handling personal information in accordance with the following basic principles:

1. The personal data obtained shall be used exclusively for the purposes for which they were obtained, of which the parties have been informed and for which they have consented. EIUS, d.o.o. will not pass them on to third parties without your consent.

2. The company is constantly updating regulations and upgrading personal data management systems and their protection. Our goal is to ensure a high level of security, taking into account the circumstances and advances in information technology.

3. The company strives to introduce and implement all necessary measures for the effective protection of personal data to prevent their loss, destruction, falsification or transmission.

4. The compliance of employees’ conduct regarding the protection of personal data with legal requirements will be regularly checked. The operation of the personal data management system will also be checked


Basic principles and objectives of security policy

In the company EIUS, d.o.o. we strive for efficient and consistent maintenance of the information security system. Information security is a key component of our business in the field of electronic delivery of shipments, so our goal is to maintain a strong security policy. To this end, a regular review of regulations and their compliance by employees is carried out, thus ensuring the identification and introduction of the necessary improvements. Accordingly, we have defined the basic principles and objectives that seek to meet these requirements:

1. Information security statement

We are aware of the importance of consistent information security, so EIUS ensures that everyone who is employed by a company and participates in its business is committed to information security. All employees should be familiar with the process of reporting safety-related events.

2. Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information

The company implements all appropriate and necessary measures to prevent unauthorized use of information, their unintentional alteration, loss or delivery. Our goal is to maintain their confidentiality, integrity and availability. Accordingly, we run an effective information management system in the company, which includes strict communication, business and physical security. In this context, system management also includes controlled procedures for storing, transmitting and extracting data, procedures and programs for detecting computer viruses, and reviewing reports on access to the computer system. Physical security is ensured by advanced security systems, contactless cards and a biometric system.

3. Compliance with legal requirements

In the company EIUS, d.o.o. we ensure that all procedures and measures of the company and its integrated operation are in accordance with applicable law.

4. Education

We will provide information security training to the company’s employees, thus ensuring that staff are aware of the threats to information security, and at the same time be trained to implement security policy in their daily work.

5. Prevention of unauthorized access and misuse of information and accidents

The company maintains an effective system for detecting breaches of information security, both intentional and unintentional, reporting these cases and taking appropriate action.

6. Revision

The company performs regular audits of the information security system. In accordance with the findings, all necessary supplementary changes and upgrades will be introduced.