Procedure for installing VEP.Signature on Windows

1. Uninstalled signature component warning

The application automatically checks to see if the signing component is installed. If it is, you will see the startup of the component after 10 seconds. If it is not installed, you will see a warning about an uninstalled signature component.
Click “Install Signature Component” to save the installation file, which you then install.


In this case, you can select “Upgrade Signature Component” and this will save the installation file for the installation of VEP.Signature.

2. Blocked pop-ups on different browsers

2.1 Mozilla Firefox

If your Mozilla Firefox browser blocks pop-ups, a yellow warning bar will appear at the top. Click “Options” and select “Show ” and save the displayed file or. Installation package.

2.2 Opera

If your Opera browser blocks pop-ups, a red pop-up block will appear on the right side of the URL bar. Allow the pop- up window by clicking on “Always allow pop-ups from “ and then save the file.


2.3 Google Chrome

If your Google Chrome browser blocks pop-ups, you’ll see a red icon to the right of the URL bar (Pop-up blocked). Save the file by clicking on and mark that pop-ups are always allowed for the site

3. VEP program installation procedure.Signed

Run the saved sp_net_installer- file and continue with the installation process.

Pictures from the installation step by step:


Click the “Run” button


Click the “Next” button


Click the “Next” button


Click the “Next” button


Warning: Be careful if the VEP.Signature icon appears below. By clicking on the icon you get a message that you also need the NET.Framework program. By clicking on the “Install” button or. “Yes” opens your browser and the program installation file is saved automatically. Simply run the installation file. When the installation of the NET.Framework program is completed, you can continue with the installation of the VEP.Signature program.

Installation is automatic.

Notice of successfully installed signature component. Click on “Close” .