On the left side, select “Settings” in the “Administration” menu.

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1. Edit personal information

In the first tab “Edit personal data” we can change the following information: phone number, mobile number, e-mail address, password, notification addresses, directory publication, default type of service, issuing e-invoices, badges, method of storing emails, bank account number and information on VAT liability.

* If you want to be notified by e-mail, check the box “I want to be notified by e-mail to the address” and in the field “E-mail address for notification of incoming emails” enter the addresses to which you want to receive notifications.

** In case we want to issue eInvoices to budget users via the portal, mark the field “I want to issue eInvoices” and enter the transaction account number in the “IBAN” field.

Confirm the entered changes with the “Save” button.

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Note:  If you change any information within your subscription relationship with the provider, the customer is obliged to notify the provider within eight days of this change by written notice sent to the provider’s secure e-mail or registered mail to the provider’s postal address. Until the receipt of this notification, the existing data are considered to be accurate and complete, and all consequences of any discrepancies are borne exclusively by the client or. user.

2. Removing the person of trust

In the second tab “Removing a trusted person”, select the digital certificate of the person you want to remove, remove it by clicking on the “Remove marked” button, and confirm with the “Save” button.

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3. Upload the certificate to the server

A novelty on is the signing on the server, which works independently of the version of browsers and signature components. During the settings in the “Certificates and passwords” tab, clicking on the “Signature” column opens a new window in which the certificate is loaded on the server.

Note:  It is necessary to have an exported digital certificate or. a backup copy of the certificate.

A new window will open in which you can upload the certificate to the server after the following steps:

  • Enter the password you specified when exporting the certificate (backup password)
  • Find the certificate on your computer by clicking the “Upload Certificate” button
  • If your password is secure enough, you will see the following message:
    “Your password is secure enough. It will also be used to lock the certificate in the store. ”
    When signing in the secure mailbox, you will need to enter the password of your backup copy of the certificate.
  • In case the backup password is not secure enough, it will be necessary to reset the password, which will also be used for signing on

Note: The  password must contain at least 6 characters (combination of numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters).

  • Save the downloaded certificate and the specified signing password on the server by clicking the “Save” button.

Warning:  If you forget your password, you must remove the downloaded certificate and reload it.

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4. Email forwarding settings

In the “Email forwarding settings” tab, we can set up forwarding of emails from our mail server. Thus, as a sender, we will be notified as to whether our email has been successfully forwarded, otherwise we will receive a notification to our email. When you have filled in the required fields, confirm the entry with the “Save” button.

You can check if the settings are entered correctly by sending a test message.

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