Sending a message by registered delivery to a recipient without a secure electronic mailbox

If the recipient does not have a secure e-mail box, but you know their e-mail address and would like to send them a message via the secure e-mail system, you can do so by providing the recipient’s usual e-mail address and selecting the ARA delivery process. As soon as you enter an address for the recipient that is not in the secure mailbox system, the application will alert you and automatically change the delivery process to the ARA procedure.

* If the recipient is a PRS subject, after entering the email address of the recipient, you can check “Recipient is a PRS subject” on the right side, after which the subject search engine will be activated.

If you start entering the name of the legal entity and select the desired legal entity from the drop-down menu, the registration number and tax number will be filled in automatically.

* Note: In case you do not use the search engine of legal entities, it is obligatory to enter the name of the recipient as it is written on AJPES in the field “Name of the recipient”. For natural persons, it is necessary to enter the first “Name” and then “Surname”.

Fill in the form with the obligatory data and, if you wish, add the accompanying text and add an attachment.

WARNING: When sending registered mail, the recipient has 15 days to accept the delivery of the message. If the recipient does not have an existing digital certificate with which they can accept the delivery, there is a chance that they will not pick up the shipment and it will be returned to the sender.

If the user already has a registered secure mailbox, the application will alert you after clicking the “Send” button. In this case, you have the option of sending to an already registered mailbox, or to a new one, which will be open only for one-time receipt of your sent email.