E-contract instructions

Preparation and sending of e-contracts

  1. When logging in to the secure electronic mailbox of VEP.si, in the left column you click “E-contracts”, which leads you to the environment of the eContract.
image 13

2. To prepare and send, click on “New E-contract” and then in the blue box by clicking on “Upload document” from your files on the computer select the desired document, and upload or simply drag from the folder to the blue box.

image 16
image 17

3. If you are attaching several documents, you can also choose between merging the documents into one – mark the desired documents in the line (marked with an arrow) and combine them by clicking on “Merge selected documents” or convert the documents to PDF / A form by clicking on “Convert selected to pdfa”.

image 18

4. To send the contract in the “Signatories” window, enter the VEP addresses of the recipients or signatories of the contract.

image 19

5. On the right side of the email, you can see a visualization of the attached documents, you can use the arrow to move around the pages or click on the desired document in the list to view the document.

image 20
image 21

6. Send the contract by clicking on the “Send for signature” button.

image 22

7. In the case of several attachments, you can choose which attachments to sign by clicking on “Sign on submission”.

8. When the signatory signs the contract or adds a comment, the updated contract is displayed in the “Inbox” folder (in the eContract environment).

Receipt of contracts

1. Upon receipt of the contract, you will receive a “Message on the arrival of the email- registered notice of arrival of the contract” in a secure e-mail box, in which you then click on “Receipt and signing of the receipt”.

image 23

2. After successful signing, click on “Open contract” and then the system will connect you to the E-contract environment.

  3. Under the “Attached documents” label, click on the desired document and review it. By clicking on the selected one, you can sign each one individually.

  4. In case of comments, you can add a comment in the box at the beginning of the email “Add comment” and then click on “Send comment”. Each newly added comment appears in the bar above the blue box.

image 24

5. In the “Signatories” line, you can easily see who signed the contract, the status, and the time of signing.

image 25

Once the contract is signed from all sides, you can download and save it on your computer.