Signing attached PDF documents

There is also the option of signing attached attachments in PDF format.

When composing a new email, enter the recipient’s address, subject, and simply attach the PDF document you want to sign and send. When you have finished downloading the attachment, a window will appear asking if you want to sign the PDF document as well. You can save your decision forever and this way you won’t be asked every time you pin it.

In the settings for  “Certificates and passwords”  there is also the option to select the signing method. To make a replacement, select the one you want in the dropdown menu.

signature component vep 9

To continue the process, select  “Sign”.  In this way, the attached PDF document (s) will be signed as well as the emailcontaining the signed documents. The recipient, on the other hand, only signs the email received. PDF documents are already signed, which is evident from the visualization of the signature on the PDF document. You can use PDF signing to sign all documents in pdf format. Easily and quickly sign and submit any contract. The contract will be signed by both parties with the electronic signature of the signatories. The recipient saves the signed attachment locally on his computer and then signs it with his certificates when sending it.

You can also specify in the settings that you do not want to sign the PDF attachment, so you will no longer be asked to sign.

* In case the PDF attachment you want to sign is protected, the following notification will be displayed:

signature component vep 13