Email forwarding

From the list of emails, select the email you want to forward and open it with one click and click on the “Forward” button or select “Forward” in the menu with the arrow.  

instructions handed over transmission 1
instructions handed over transmission 2

Emails received in the mailbox can be sent to any e-mail address or to the address of the secure electronic mailbox. We can also use the option of intervening “for information” (Kp).

instructions handed over forwarding 3

A directory of secure electronic mailboxes is also available.

instructions handed over forwarding 4

If we send an email to the address, we can choose between the procedures of registered sending (R) and registered sending with return receipt (AR). For forwarding to regular e-mail, only the registered sending (R) procedure is used.

If desired, the accompanying text can be saved for future emails. In addition to the attachments we already provide, we can add additional attachments.

* We advise you not to use ordinary e-mail to provide content that contains sensitive information, as the content may be exposed to unauthorized persons and does not guarantee delivery.