Sorting of emails

Emails in a safe drawer can be sorted by clicking on the desired column (ascending) or by double-clicking (descending).

In it is possible to classify emailsby:

  • matter
  • to the sender,
  • date of dispatch,
  • date of receipt,
  • time limit for service,
  • keywords
  • type of email,
  • status,
  • deadline for appeal.

How do we schedule emails so that the last emails arrive at the top of the list?
By left-clicking on the “Inbox” column, emails are sorted in descending order.

How do I see by which column and how are the emails sorted?
Next to the column name, there are arrows indicating which column the emails are sorted by. If there is a lower black arrow next to the name “Inbox”, it means that the emails are arranged in descending order and vice versa, if the upper arrow is black.