Retrieving an email

The marked red icon tells you the number of unreceived or unread email in your secure e-mail box (also applies to emails sent according to the R procedure, for which no signature is required).

instructions drawer 1

Clicking on the red icon will show you emails that have not been accepted and signed (AR, ZUP, ZPP, ZPP2) or unread (R).

instructions drawer 2

1. Individual acceptance of consignments

From the list of received emails, select the message about the arrival of the email that you want to pick up. We click on it and in the new window by clicking on “Accept and sign the certificate” we download and / or save the selected message. An electronically signed certificate will be sent to the sender as proof of service.

instructions drawer 3

You can also pick up an email by marking it and then selecting “Pick up selected” or “Pick up and save selected” in the “Activities” menu.

Note:  If we select “Download selected” in the “Activities” menu and we have only the uncollected email marked, we will only save the message about the arrival of the emailand not the attachments that are in the email.

instructions drawer 4

2. Mass acceptance of consignments

Marking of emails for mass collection can be done in two ways, namely:

  • Mark the individual emails you want to pick up by checking the box before each individual email
instructions drawer 5
  • Check the marked box to mark all uncollected and unread emails
instructions drawer 6

When you have finished marking, select “Download selected” from the “Activities” menu. We then sign the certificates by clicking on the “Sign” button.

Note: The  certificate must be signed separately for each selected email.

instructions drawer 7

If we have selected “Download and save selected” in the “Activities” menu, we must confirm the transfer of attachments after signing the certificate.

Note:  Signing the receipt and confirming the transfer of attachments must be done for each selected email separately.

instructions drawer 8

Note: The transfer takes place in such a way that we must confirm the transfer of each individual email.